Travel affiliates have the opportunity to partner with a host of tour operators that provide travel products and experiences that literally range from the simple to the sublime.  When thinking about the latter category from the perspective of one-off travel experiences, adventure travel might well represent the category’s apogee.  Assuming this is true, then the experiential tours offered by Incredible Adventures might arguably be the best that the adventure travel niche has to offer.

Incredible Adventures offers adventure travel programs centered on immersing the travel consumer in a world where the extreme is the norm.  It’s a travel world full of wannabee ‘top-gun fighter pilots, astronauts, firefighters, submariners, off-road motorbikes, speedboats, among others.

Incredible Adventures marketing mantra is “Life is either an incredible adventure…or nothing at all,” and one glance at their product portfolio certainly underscores this point.  It’s also reinforced by a comment President Jane Reifert notes on the Company’s ‘About Us’ web page:

“Why have we succeeded in this wild and wacky business? Maybe it’s because we don’t lie. We’ve built our reputation by delivering everything we promise and more. We’ve made it our mission to deliver the most incredible adventures available at the fairest possible price.”

How might you determine if Incredible Adventures’ tour products are a good fit with your existing travel portfolio?  For starters, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you think some of your customers are interested in flying a Russian MIG at Mach 2 to the edge of space, or, undergoing day-long training with a qualified, experienced astronaut in preparation for a zero-gravity experience inside a G-Force One aircraft at the Kennedy Space Center?
  • Might others instead have a life-long ‘Rambo-like’ fantasy of playing a role as member of an ultra-secret paramilitary unit charged with undertaking covert mission in a hostile territory?
  • Or, would the thought of diving with Great White sharks, skydiving Mt. Everest, or learning high-performance auto racing in a shiny new Corvette fire their imagination instead?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these – and many other – exotic, once-in-a lifetime types of travel experiences, then you should look into Incredible Adventures and their affiliate program.

Clearly, Incredible Adventures’ trips are not for the average traveler – or the faint of heart.  Nor are they for those ‘faint of wallet’.  As we understand, the 2-day Corvette racing package is priced at $2,850; the Mt. Everest skydive comes in at about $18,000 per person; while the super-exotic orbital space flights (delivered through the auspices of the Russian Space Agency) will set your client back a cool $15 – $25 million (depending on the program features).

Incredible Adventures‘ travel affiliate program is based on a pay-per-click model. The program offers free enrollment, however, as a condition for approval, they require prospective partners to provide both URL and traffic estimates (if available) in the application process.

Once approved, the travel affiliate is provided with all appropriate program details, graphic and banner options and partner support.  Incredible Adventures pays its travel affiliates bi-monthly.  General information about their program, examples of banners and graphics, as well as contact information, is available on their travel affiliate information page.

TravelDividends is keen on companies like Incredible Adventures because they have identified a small but profitable niche in the travel industry, and have clearly worked hard to attain (and maintain) a leading position in it.  In our opinion, while the monetization opportunity for travel affiliates in a micro-niche like this one pales in comparison to larger travel niches, for a handful of enterprising travel affiliates with the ‘right’ customer database and a well-crafted and well-executed marketing campaign, selling Incredible Adventures and others of its ilk could be a nice ‘tuck-in’ revenue opportunity.

What’s you view on this micro-niche, tour operator affiliate programs and tour operators like Incredible Adventures? TravelDividends would like to hear from our readers; you can contact us via email or by posting a comment.  Either way, we very much appreciate your feedback.

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