When thinking about the travel industry value chain in its broadest context, and the inexorable interdependencies among the various industry segments and players, perhaps none is as critical to the whole as is the airline industry. 

TravelDividends is privileged to have Mark Ellinger, Managing Principal of Ellinger Consulting, join us today to launch our new series of ‘one-on-one’ interviews with the leading executives from the travel and travel affiliate industries. 

During the course of this in-depth interview, Mark presents a laser-like assessment of the issues facing today’s global airline industry, imparts insights as to how the airline industry may evolve during the next several years, and identify tactics and strategies travel affiliates can use to build sustainable travel distribution partnerships with both US and foreign carriers. 

We found Mark’s comments, insights and thoughts quite compelling – and think you will as well.  Have a listen and hear for yourself!