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Travel affiliates and suppliers reading Expedia’s and Travelocity latest year-end forecasts d will have to decide which online travel agency has ‘got it right’.  In its fall Travel Trendwatch issue, depicts a rosy picture for price-driven travel consumers looking to book both air and hotels, while in its most recent data report, Travelocity shows […]

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think that Jet Blue’s abrupt halt of their ‘All You Can Jet’ travel pass promotion some 2 days earlier than originally planned underscores my observation noted in last week’s column that this was a brilliant approach to “…stimulating consumer demand in the face […]

I just finished reading excerpts from Forrester Research’s latest analysis of the U.S traveler’s online travel shopping experience, and to put it simply, the picture this noted market research firm paints is not pretty.  This rather scathing report, Using Digital Channels To Calm The Angry Traveler, essentially calls for travel suppliers, online travel agencies and […]

All-inclusive packages are a big hit with travel affiliates, especially during recessions; All Inclusive Outlet’s travel affiliate program makes it easy for travel affiliates to tap into this profitable travel niche. Founded in 1998, All Inclusive Outlet is one of the oldest and most respected online travel agencies specializing in all-inclusive vacations.  Today, this OTA […]

Today’s blog post is the continuation of our posting published on July 21, 2009 Assuming that the BVI micro-niche does in fact appeal to us from a product perspective, our next step in determining if this niche is worth investing in entails two follow-on tasks: assessing the market size and competitive intensity, and identifying which […]

The proverb ‘good things come in small packages’ often rings true for many things in life, including, in our view, the travel and travel affiliate industries.  Within this context, TravelDividends believes island vacation packages are a wonderful example of this old adage and representative of the types of untapped travel affiliate opportunities available in the […]

For the travel industry, summertime connotes peak season, the time of year when many American and European travelers head off to take their main vacation.  Whether it’s a leisurely stay at some beach-side resort for ‘sun & fun’, a traipse to take in the culture and history of some storied city or countryside in a […]

Creativity has always been a hallmark of both the online travel agency (OTA) sector and the travel affiliate marketing channel.  Case in point: look no further than Expedia Affiliate Network and One Travel Partner Network, as each is ‘banking’ (literally and figuratively) on affiliate marketers to grow their private label businesses. Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) […]

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think that the travel companies that underwrite the cost of primary market research, customized surveys and technical studies about the travel industry and subsequently share the results with the rest of the travel industry should be universally lauded for their efforts and largesse.  […]

Please note that the following is a continuation from yesterday’s Blog post. Axiom Number 2: When You Come To a Fork in the Road, Take It If a hotel/resort or intermediary offer the same product, at the same price but at different travel affiliate commission levels, it stands to reason that travel affiliates follow ‘the […]