Today we are going to review’s Luggage Affiliate Program.

A quick look at the surfer volume for “luggage” using your Keyword Tool of choice shows a massive amount of traffic.

I grabbed Google’s new Keyword Tool (check out the new beta interface, very cool) for a quick check and Goog showed 7.4M monthly searches.  That number quickly drops when you add longtails.

A quick competitor check showed that attacking this market head on would be worse than Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg.   With and EPC of $20 and CPC of at least .60 you would be way underwater – unless your conversion rate was high.


An affiliate that still has money in the bank never attacks head on.

We use very effectively as an upsell, cross-sell and even a downsell at checkout.  Since about 70% of the people who actually purchase travel are women, and what woman can pass up a chance to add a cute new rolly to her collection. (one that will actually fit down the cramped plane aisle without tearing her arms off from hooking seats and feet – Sorry, Sorry, Excuse Me, Sorry, My Bad, Sorry).

Hint: Take a lesson from the internet marketing gurus.   Sell your travel package first, get the credit card and then start your upselling.   Adding an eBag to an existing sale is way easier than followup autoresponder sequences.

The Skinny:


Commission ……9% to 20% based on volume and brands


Link Options…….Text/Banner.   They have a number of them

Benefits…………..110% Low Price Guarantee, Free Shipping, Coupons, Hot Deals

Keywords.……….Just eBags and its misspellings

Cookies …………45 Days

Support………….We have found it to be very good.  And they have a simple StoreBuilder to play with

You have a number of other options in the Luggage niche.   LuggageGuru, Luggage Pros and Irv’s all have as good or better EPC.     Our researchers here at TravelDividends chose eBags for our Luggage Affiliate Program because of selection, support, sales tools and great customer feedback.

Hope this helps…………..>l8tr

Do you have a better LAP that you use?    Let me know and I will check it out.

aff link free zone………..  🙂