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READ this – Airline & All other Travel Affiliates

I know you have heard about this……. This shit has been going on since the 70’s. Airlines hate their distribution system with a passion usually saved for ex-mother in laws.   And now, the siblings  American Airlines and its reservations system Sabre could not make it through the family Christmas party without getting drunk and throwing […]

CheapCaribbean – They are Smart

Ok,  I can’t help it, I like these guys and girls. If there is anyone in Travel Affiliate Programs that has their marketing down, its this team. I know because they kick my butt occasionally.  They get some insane pricing But they have an ace up their sleeve.   CheapCaribbean is aligned (not sure how deeply […] – Look carefully

I bring Bookit to your attention for 2 reasons. They have great technology and very competitive pricing.  If you are going to play in the world of Travel Affiliate Programs you need to watch these guys. They built a back end  on there booking engine that allows Merchants to add their own product and pricing.   […]

Magellan’s – Get the Straits scoop

Poor Ferdinand……..If he had just avoided that group of testy Filipino’s he would have lived to become the first official SuperAffiliate.   He was off’d trying to sell Christianity to the pagans via a broken link. All they received were 404 pages.   Amex canceled his Black card and the rest is history. But late adopters recognized […]

TravelSmith – Polly Ester’s Fall Collection

Back again,  much to the dismay of the corporate Klingons. A Klingon beard is a symbol of courage.  What happens if you wax? But I digress.    Today we are going deep undercover to explore the benefits of the TravelSmith Affiliate Program. I know………When you hit the Landing Page you think…..WTF…..a week in these clothes and […]

Momma’s got a Brand New eBag………

Greetings, Today we are going to review’s Luggage Affiliate Program. A quick look at the surfer volume for “luggage” using your Keyword Tool of choice shows a massive amount of traffic. I grabbed Google’s new Keyword Tool (check out the new beta interface, very cool) for a quick check and Goog showed 7.4M monthly […]

Who Let the Cars out ……Woof Woof

While our research team here at TD is Euro lounging and sipping cocktails with scantily clad Suits, I have been left behind to keep the lights on and fool the Google bots into thinking someone is home. Since I am an Affiliate, that may have been a mistake. Today we are giving props to one […]