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Epoque Hotels Offers Value to Travelers and Travel Affiliates

When it comes to travel suppliers that provide exceptional value and benefits to both travelers and travel affiliates, Epoque Hotels arguably ranks among the crème de la crème in this category. There’s no question that Epoque has caught the eye of the discriminating traveler.  Starting out with 30 properties in 2002, today Epoque Hotels offers […]

Swingers Website and Caribbean All-Inclusive Partnership – the Next New Travel Affiliate Niche?

LoveVoodoo.com, a leading adult dating and swingers’ community site, and one of the top Caribbean resorts, SuperClubs’ Hedonism II, have teamed-up to offer 4 unique themed events at the über all-inclusive in 2010. Could this partnership result in a new travel affiliate micro-niche? The travel industry has long been renowned for providing the context for […]

Barceló Hotels Promotions Offer Great Value for Travelers and Travel Affiliates

Barceló Hotels & Resorts is offering travel affiliates an opportunity to earn significant commissions by selling a host of discount rate programs at many of their hotels and resorts through the remainder of this year.  Whether your customers are looking to vacation in Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain or the Balearic Islands, Barceló Hotels has a […]

All-Inclusive Resorts Allure Travelers and Travel Affiliates

If we were playing the TV game show Jeopardy!, and the clue to the ‘question’ is…‘sun and fun vacation at a resort with miles of sandy beaches, gentle trade winds blowing and a smorgasbord of fine food and seemingly limitless activities and entertainment’, then most contestants (and travel affiliates) would offer “what is an all-inclusive” […]

How Travel Affiliates Can Capitalize on the Rebound in Caribbean Travel – Part 2

Please note that the following is a continuation from yesterday’s Blog post. Axiom Number 2: When You Come To a Fork in the Road, Take It If a hotel/resort or intermediary offer the same product, at the same price but at different travel affiliate commission levels, it stands to reason that travel affiliates follow ‘the […]

How Travel Affiliates Can Capitalize on the Rebound in Caribbean Travel – Part 1

The Caribbean is heating-up again for travel affiliates as unprecedented numbers of hotels and resorts, together with their partner airlines and tour operators, are luring value-driven travelers back with a bevy of discounts, promotions and deals.  The critical question travel affiliates should be asking is: Given this flurry of supplier activity and pricing largesse, am […]