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Travel Affiliates Can Score Points with Virgin Vacations and the NFL

Travel affiliates have lots of opportunities to ‘score’ by selling package tours; Virgin Vacations, together with official NFL events packager NFL On Location, have joined the fray by offering travel affiliates a niche revenue-producing opportunity. As every football addict knows, the NFL plays one game annually in Europe, and this year’s contest is slated for […]

Congratulations to Pepperjam and GSI Commerce…We Think

The affiliate marketing world is abuzz today, as the news about GSI Commerce’s acquisition of “certain assets” of Pepperjam spreads to all corners of the industry.   Much of the commentary we’ve read congratulates Kris Jones of Pepperjam and Michael Rubin of GSI Commerce, and their respective teams, for the strategic brilliance and great synergies underlying […]

Will the Rising Wave of Travel Agent Service Fees Bring a Surge in Travel Affiliate Cruise Sales?

Travel affiliates, listen up: according to a new survey, travel agents are increasingly levying client service fees; if this trend continues it may provide the impetus for more cruise lines to set-up travel affiliate programs.  What prompts TravelDividends to make this prediction?  Basically a somewhat ‘throw-away’ line in a survey we recently read about the […]

Incredible Travel Affiliate Opportunity with Incredible Adventures

Travel affiliates have the opportunity to partner with a host of tour operators that provide travel products and experiences that literally range from the simple to the sublime.  When thinking about the latter category from the perspective of one-off travel experiences, adventure travel might well represent the category’s apogee.  Assuming this is true, then the […]

Swingers Website and Caribbean All-Inclusive Partnership – the Next New Travel Affiliate Niche?

LoveVoodoo.com, a leading adult dating and swingers’ community site, and one of the top Caribbean resorts, SuperClubs’ Hedonism II, have teamed-up to offer 4 unique themed events at the über all-inclusive in 2010. Could this partnership result in a new travel affiliate micro-niche? The travel industry has long been renowned for providing the context for […]

Things I Think I Think – August 10, 2009

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think several of the recommendations proffered by distinguished Center for Hospitality Research at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration as to how hotels and resorts worldwide can maintain rate integrity and avoid price wars carry particular relevance and importance for travel affiliates. […]

Travel Affiliate Sales Opportunities in the Escorted Tours Niche – 3

This is the last of three articles in this week’s blog posts which highlight travel affiliate opportunities in the escorted tour operator niche. Just about every tour operator (TO) offers their products and services on both a ‘bricks and mortar’ and online basis.  However, a small – but growing – number of TOs limit their […]

Travel Affiliate Sales Opportunities in the Escorted Tours Niche – 2

This is the second of three articles we’re featuring in this week’s blog that focus on Escorted Tour Operators that also offer Travel Affiliate Programs. One of the reasons why the tour operator travel industry segment represents a great opportunity for travel affiliate marketers is the breadth and depth of the products available across the […]

Travel Affiliate Sales Opportunities in the Escorted Tours Niche

This is the first of three articles we’ll be featuring in this week’s blog that focus on Escorted Tour Operators that offer Travel Affiliate Programs. Because of their intrinsic value, all-inclusive travel packages are one of the easiest and most profitable travel products that travel affiliates can sell.  Among the most popular types of all-inclusive […]

CruiseDirect.com Offers Travel Affiliates a Direct Line to Cruise Bookings

If you are one of the many travel affiliates looking to sell cruises, but have been stymied by the inability to directly access cruise product, then Travel Dividends suggests you look into CruiseDirect.com’s travel affiliate program. The cruise industry is generally acknowledged to be one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry.  According […]