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Travel Deals Keep Americans Traveling This Summer

Two of the most insightful psychographic surveys that profile the purchasing behavior of the U.S. travel consumer – The Harris Poll and the American Express Travel Agent Survey – came out this week within a day of each other.  Although some of their conclusions differed, one key finding resonated in both surveys: the ability to […]

A Travel Niche That Isn’t Just ‘For The Dogs’

Think that there’s not much affiliate money to be made by focusing on travel niches?  If so, you may want to reconsider, as many travel niches can turn out to be ‘cash cows’ rather than ‘dogs’.  Case in point: how about dog travel! In our general research about all things associated with the travel affiliate […]

Flickr – A Next-Generation Online Travel Affiliate Tool

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an online travel guidebook that is based on the collective wisdom of hundreds of thousands of like minded travelers? Well, researchers at the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University may have identified a way to do just that.  With the aid of a supercomputer, these scientists analyzed some […]