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Things I Think I Think – September 14, 2009

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think Snow24’s analysis that suggests European ski resorts represent a better vacation bargain for US skiers than comparable domestic resorts should give travel affiliates that sell ski trips a reason to smile. After a rather dismal 2008 winter ski season wrought on the […]

Things I Think I Think – July 13, 2009

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think that rail travel represents a fairly solid travel affiliate opportunity, particularly for European travel affiliates.  Unlike the US, rail in Europe has always enjoyed a strong position within the European inter-modal travel/transportation system; that position continues to grow in both in terms […]

Exploring Opportunities in Adventure Travel Affiliate Programs

By definition, the travel and tourism industry is large, global and is comprised of a vast (and ever growing) number of generic and specialty adjectival sectors and niches.  One of these adjectival niches, adventure travel, continues to grow in popularity among travelers around the world and from all indications to date, this super-travel niche seems […]

Spa Industry Trends Portend Profits for Travel Affiliates

Travel affiliates should take note of the melding of seemingly disparate consumer trends like interest in preventative health and wellness, casino gaming, cruises, and train travel with the traditional spa experience.  Although these and other spa related industry trends and findings were presented outside the context of affiliate marketing at the recently concluded Global Spa […]

MyCreativeTours.com Offers Creative Experiential Tours and Big Travel Affiliate Payouts

Web 2.0 start-up MyCreativeTours, the website that is building the first experiential tour exchange that brings together travelers and local tour guides, is offering travel affiliates 30% commission on all bookings.  This program may be the catalyst that the company needs to propel it towards realizing its vision – “promote local tour guides’ creativity and […]

A Travel Niche That Isn’t Just ‘For The Dogs’

Think that there’s not much affiliate money to be made by focusing on travel niches?  If so, you may want to reconsider, as many travel niches can turn out to be ‘cash cows’ rather than ‘dogs’.  Case in point: how about dog travel! In our general research about all things associated with the travel affiliate […]