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Congratulations to Pepperjam and GSI Commerce…We Think

The affiliate marketing world is abuzz today, as the news about GSI Commerce’s acquisition of “certain assets” of Pepperjam spreads to all corners of the industry.   Much of the commentary we’ve read congratulates Kris Jones of Pepperjam and Michael Rubin of GSI Commerce, and their respective teams, for the strategic brilliance and great synergies underlying […]

Luggage Sales Could Pack Profits for Travel Affiliates

Although the travel industry is experiencing tough times this year, many people are still traveling for both leisure and business.  Lost in the sea of bad news is the fact that many of those consumers who are still traveling are also shopping for and purchasing luggage and other travel related accessories well before they board […]

What’s Next? Five Strategic Questions for Travel Affiliate Industry Executives

As everyone is abundantly aware, the global recession has hit the travel industry rather hard.  Many economists and political leaders are suggesting the worst is over. However, it seems to TravelDividends that there is little clarity as to how quickly the major world economies will recover, or regardless of its length, how well the travel […]

Flickr – A Next-Generation Online Travel Affiliate Tool

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an online travel guidebook that is based on the collective wisdom of hundreds of thousands of like minded travelers? Well, researchers at the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University may have identified a way to do just that.  With the aid of a supercomputer, these scientists analyzed some […]

The ‘Network’ Is Where the Money Is! – Part 1

Pop Quiz! Question 1…Quick, name the largest (and arguably most controversial) investments in the travel and affiliate marketing industries in the last twelve months? If you answered the $250 million cash investment in HomeAway, Inc., by several well respected VCs and Google’s restructuring of its $3.1 billion DoubleClick Performics acquisition respectively, you’d be right. Pop […]