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Are Your Travelers Seeking Knowledge and Discovery on Their Overseas Trips?

According to new research from Mintel, UK travelers are increasingly traveling overseas to improve their knowledge or learn a skill…as American travel affiliates and travel suppliers, do you see the same trends with your customers? The British are unquestionably amongst the world’s most peripatetic travelers, so when market research powerhouse Mintel suggests that ‘fly and […]

Travelers Send Online Travel Players a Wake-Up Call

I just finished reading excerpts from Forrester Research’s latest analysis of the U.S traveler’s online travel shopping experience, and to put it simply, the picture this noted market research firm paints is not pretty.  This rather scathing report, Using Digital Channels To Calm The Angry Traveler, essentially calls for travel suppliers, online travel agencies and […]

Can Millennials Prop-Up the U.S. Travel Industry?

Here’s some good news for the U.S. travel industry and travel affiliates…while Baby Boomers and Gen Xers may be stashing away their cash as a safeguard against the uncertain economy, it appears that the ‘Millennials’ are on a travel buying spree.  According to a just-released survey from STA Travel, U.S. travelers between the ages of […]

New Caribbean Travel Market Research Resource for Travel Affiliates and Suppliers

If you are a travel affiliate or a travel supplier selling (or thinking of selling) the Caribbean, then the CHTA’s new research repository should be of special interest.  The CHTA (Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association) has just launched the CHTA Data Center, a ‘members only’ resource tool which provides destination-specific market research, surveys, reports, statistics, […]

Selling Travel Insurance Benefits Travel Affiliates and Their Customers

In a travel industry where uncertainty reigns and risk is everywhere, travel insurance not only provides travelers with peace of mind should something unexpected negatively impact their travel plans, it also represents a highly attractive travel affiliate revenue opportunity. Travel insurance is a relatively large travel niche; according to a recently released survey sponsored by […]

Things I Think I Think – July 13, 2009

This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think that rail travel represents a fairly solid travel affiliate opportunity, particularly for European travel affiliates.  Unlike the US, rail in Europe has always enjoyed a strong position within the European inter-modal travel/transportation system; that position continues to grow in both in terms […]

Travel Affiliates Should ‘Think Global, Book Local’

As the complexity, opaqueness and uncertainties associated with travel consumers booking air, hotel and car reservations online has all but been eliminated by the technological advances adopted by travel suppliers, OTAs and others, the thrill, anticipation and luster that used to surround the planning of vacations and holidays for most travelers has all but evaporated.  […]

What’s Next? Five Strategic Questions for Travel Affiliate Industry Executives

As everyone is abundantly aware, the global recession has hit the travel industry rather hard.  Many economists and political leaders are suggesting the worst is over. However, it seems to TravelDividends that there is little clarity as to how quickly the major world economies will recover, or regardless of its length, how well the travel […]