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Travel Affiliates Should Follow American Travelers’ Wanderlust

The latest Harris Poll was just released, and it reveals that Americans are once again dreaming of traveling to far off lands.  While these aspirations may be mere whimsy for some U.S. travelers, for others it’s an ambition that they are enthusiastically realizing.  By understanding the American consumers’ innermost travel desires – and designing product […]

Travel Affiliates Could Play a Big Role in getaroom.com’s Success

The founders of hotels.com, Bob Deiner and David Litman, today announced the launch of getaroom.com, a new hotel booking site which aims to offer travel consumers the benefits of hotel discounts offered by opaque travel sites, but in a far more transparent process.  Getaroom.com promises not only to be a boon for travel consumers, but […]

Hot Summer Deals Add-Up for Travel Affiliates

For the travel industry, summertime connotes peak season, the time of year when many American and European travelers head off to take their main vacation.  Whether it’s a leisurely stay at some beach-side resort for ‘sun & fun’, a traipse to take in the culture and history of some storied city or countryside in a […]

Exploring Travel Affiliate Opportunities with iExplore

What might make the ‘perfect’ adventure travel affiliate partner site?  Thousands of pre-packaged adventure and experiential tours to choose from?  Exclusive content that can be customized into privately-guided tours?  A personalization engine?  Telephone access to real, live expert and non-biased adventure consultants and seasoned world travelers for advice?  Low price guarantee?  A travel affiliate program […]

Exploring Travel Affiliate Opportunities with Adventure Travel Tour Operators

In our June 19th blog post, TravelDividends provided an overview of the adventure travel industry, including estimates of market size, industry dynamics and trends and some of the evolving characteristics of the adventure travel consumer.  In today’s follow-up to that article, we profile how travel affiliates can profit from two standard – yet vastly different […]

Travel Affiliates Should ‘Think Global, Book Local’

As the complexity, opaqueness and uncertainties associated with travel consumers booking air, hotel and car reservations online has all but been eliminated by the technological advances adopted by travel suppliers, OTAs and others, the thrill, anticipation and luster that used to surround the planning of vacations and holidays for most travelers has all but evaporated.  […]