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How Travel Affiliates Can Capitalize on the Rebound in Caribbean Travel – Part 1

The Caribbean is heating-up again for travel affiliates as unprecedented numbers of hotels and resorts, together with their partner airlines and tour operators, are luring value-driven travelers back with a bevy of discounts, promotions and deals.  The critical question travel affiliates should be asking is: Given this flurry of supplier activity and pricing largesse, am […]

Things I Think I Think – June 08, 2009

This week’s musings, reflections and observations… 1. Despite the profundity of bad news about the travel industry, I continue to think that the industry’s financial woes present unprecedented opportunities for the travel affiliate channel to establish itself as a strong and valuable partner for travel suppliers worldwide (see item number 5 in my May 11th […]

Airlines ‘Open Kimonos’ for Airline Consolidators and Travel Affiliates

Long a secretive and shady niche in the global travel industry, the shroud of mystery surrounding airline consolidators and the airlines that work with them is rapidly lifting.  Once loathe to publicly revealing their name in conjunction with their distribution partners in this opaque channel, airlines are now ‘opening their kimonos’, and loudly broadcasting their […]

What’s Next? Five Strategic Questions for Travel Affiliate Industry Executives

As everyone is abundantly aware, the global recession has hit the travel industry rather hard.  Many economists and political leaders are suggesting the worst is over. However, it seems to TravelDividends that there is little clarity as to how quickly the major world economies will recover, or regardless of its length, how well the travel […]

Travel Affiliate Marketing in the US and UK – One Industry Separated by a Common Language

George Bernard Shaw famously quipped that the Americans and British are essentially “one people separated by a common language.”  That tongue-in-cheek observation holds similar currency when comparing how well affiliate marketing performs in the travel sector in each country. Econsultancy’s recent studies of the US and UK affiliate marketing industries revealed some very interesting industry-wide […]