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This week’s musings, reflections and observations about travel affiliate marketing… 1. I think that American Airlines (AA) needs to ‘wake up and smell the travel affiliate roses’.  AA just released its second quarter financials, and – surprise, surprise – they reported a net loss of $390 million. In a prepared statement to employees, Gerard Arpey, […]

If we were playing the TV game show Jeopardy!, and the clue to the ‘question’ is…‘sun and fun vacation at a resort with miles of sandy beaches, gentle trade winds blowing and a smorgasbord of fine food and seemingly limitless activities and entertainment’, then most contestants (and travel affiliates) would offer “what is an all-inclusive” […]

For the travel industry, summertime connotes peak season, the time of year when many American and European travelers head off to take their main vacation.  Whether it’s a leisurely stay at some beach-side resort for ‘sun & fun’, a traipse to take in the culture and history of some storied city or countryside in a […]

Last Friday, June 26th, we published a feature story on the burgeoning hostel industry which included an overview of several of the major booking sources for hostels worldwide, and the opportunities this travel niche represents for travel affiliates.  We received a lot of positive feedback about the post, as well several comments from our readers […]

The hostel industry is celebrating its centennial this year, and unlike some other industry segments that have come and gone since the first hostel was opened in Burg Altena, Germany in 1909 (does anyone remember the days when people crossed the Atlantic on ocean liners and not airplanes?), not only have hostels managed to survive, […]

Please note that the following is a continuation from yesterday’s Blog post. Axiom Number 2: When You Come To a Fork in the Road, Take It If a hotel/resort or intermediary offer the same product, at the same price but at different travel affiliate commission levels, it stands to reason that travel affiliates follow ‘the […]

The Caribbean is heating-up again for travel affiliates as unprecedented numbers of hotels and resorts, together with their partner airlines and tour operators, are luring value-driven travelers back with a bevy of discounts, promotions and deals.  The critical question travel affiliates should be asking is: Given this flurry of supplier activity and pricing largesse, am […]

Once the domain of Japanese salarymen crashing after a night of partying in Ginza or gap-year European student travelers traipsing around the world on a shoe-string budget, the micro-hotel concept seems to be sweeping the hospitality industry, and though it may be a bit early to call, this trend could pay big dividends to travel […]

One of the staunchest supporters of travel affiliate marketing, Sandals Resorts, is set to launch a new luxury tour company, Island Routes.  Although details about the program are still under wraps, if past history is any indication, Sandals’ new tour operator could bring in a strong and steady income stream to those travel affiliates that […]

Pop Quiz! Question 1…Quick, name the largest (and arguably most controversial) investments in the travel and affiliate marketing industries in the last twelve months? If you answered the $250 million cash investment in HomeAway, Inc., by several well respected VCs and Google’s restructuring of its $3.1 billion DoubleClick Performics acquisition respectively, you’d be right. Pop […]